Frequently asked questions

How can I order a cake or sweets?

Lisa Bakery is an atelier kitchen (not open to the public) where we create unique cakes and bespoke sweets.

You can call or write us for information and requests. On Instagram and Facebook you see all our latest creations.


To confirm your order (and block the date) we ask you for a full payment on the date of order.

How much time ahead should I book my cake?

We have limited capacity, so please send us your request as soon as you can. So we can set the date in time for your cake or sweets.

What flavours are available?

All our cakes are made to measure. We have a wide choice of flavours and we can always adapt to your preferences.

All our ingredients are made from plants and therefore naturally free of lactose and eggs.

And where we can, we always use organic products.


We use Belgian Callebaut Chocolate, true vanilla beans, local, seasonal fruit and raw cane sugar for extra flavour.


Some favorite cake flavours of our customers:


- Chocolate cake, Belgian dark chocolate ganache, organic raspberry jam and light vanilla cream.


- Vanilla and lemon cake, light true vanilla cream, organic strawberry jam and wild strawberries.


- Vanilla and lemon cake, homemade lemon cream, fresh raspberries, light true vanilla cream.


- Our Black Forest with chocolate cake, amarene syrup soak (Brandy optional), light true vanilla cream, dark chocolate ganache, organic cherry jam and a touch of cinnamon (optional). Finished with light true vanilla cream.


- Vanilla bean cake, raspberry pastry cream, Matcha (green tea) light buttercream and fresh strawberries. 


- Double chocolate cake, hazelnut/chocolate cream (home made Nutella), vanilla bean light buttercream.


- Pink strawberry cake, fresh strawberry light buttercream, fresh mint (optional)


- Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, hazelnut crunch and coffee/vanilla buttercream.

How can I choose a design?

All our cakes are unique and true to our elegant and fresh style. You can always give us directions for colours, the occasion or particular details.

Or you can give us 'carte blanche' and we will create a stunning surprise for you!

What does a cake cost?

Our cakes are unique and therefore also the price.

A decorated cake has a basic price of € 7,- per portion (abundant, of approx. 120gr).

For special decorations such as fresh flowers, toppers, etc. an extra fee will be added.

Do you deliver?

Whenever we can we do deliver to your home, hotel or preferred location for an additional fee depending on the location.