Frequently asked questions

How can I order a cake or sweets?

You can write us here for an inquiry. Please add in as many details about your request as possible.

Our booking are preferably done through email or contact form.


To confirm your booking I require a 50% down payment for orders placed more than a month ahead of the event. For orders placed within a month we ask to receive a full payment upon receipt of the invoice.


To decide on a design please send us photo's (preferably of our cakes) for reference. Please keep in mind that we will use them as inspiration and that we don't copy the work of others.


Most of the consultation can be done via e-mail or calls, but we do also offer in-person cake tastings and consults.

How much time ahead should I book my cake?

We take orders on a first come, first serve basis.

Due to our limited capacity, we advice you to send us your request as soon as you can. For wedding cakes we raccomand 6 months to a year before the event. For smaller celebration cakes we please contact us 1-2 weeks before, subject to availability.

What flavours are available?

All our cakes are custom made. Please see our menu here.

There are gluten free (not for celiac) options available on request.


All our ingredients are made from plants (vegan) and therefore naturally free of lactose and eggs.

And where we can, we always use organic products.


Our cakes are all made with a buttercream base. Fondant is only used for decoration.


How can I choose a design?

All my cakes are unique and true to my signature Lisa bakery style. You can always give us directions for colours, the occasion or particular details.

Please keep in mind we do not copy the work of others.

Or you can give us 'carte blanche' and we will create a stunning cake for you.

We do not write onto cakes as it does not suit the design.

Do you have a price list?

Our cakes are unique and customized. The price depends on the size, the flavors and the design.


Wedding cakes start at €11,- per serving and multi-tier cakes start at €500,-.


Layer cakes start at €75,- (6-8 servings minimum)

Creamtarts start at €95,- (10 servings minimum)


Prices are subject to change. Please contact us here to get a more detailed quote.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We offer a delivery service to your venue or preferred location for an additional fee depending on the location.