Lisa Bakery Cakes





A Lisa Bakery Cake is a unique work of art.

A delicious work of art, to be exact.


The love for baking and for beauty are combined in a cake that is meant to surprise, amaze and satisfy.





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Your special day

At Lisa Bakery we LOVE creating a cake that takes everyones breath away.


A cake that fits your special day, wether it's a birthday, a dinner with friends or maybe...your wedding day!


Our cakes can be big or small. single or multiple tiers.

You name it and we'll make it work.


Lisa, being a true lover of the beauty of nature, creates cakes that are unique and at the same time true to her signature style. Often inspired by florals and the colour schemes nature shows us.


Please write or call us and we'll talk about your wishes for your special event. 

Cake Flavors

After you have enjoyed the cake with your eyes, it's time to dig in and taste! It's a cake after all, so we make sure it's more than delicious.


All Lisa Bakery Cakes are made from the best ingredients and organic wherever we can.

We use Belgian Callebaut chocolate, True vanilla beans, local seasonal fruit and raw cane sugar for extra flavor.


When you have decided on celebrating with a Lisa Bakery Cake please contact us with your flavor preferences and we will create your favorite cake!


At Lisa Bakery we are more that happy to experiment and create new and exciting flavors.


All our cakes are vegan and don't contain any animal products.

Therefore they are perfect to serve to your guests with allergies related to milk or eggs.