At Lisa's Cake art Studio at Lake Como uniquely designed, vegan cakes and sweets are created.


Wether you are celebrating in two or are looking for a stunning wedding cake, we are here to help.

We specialize in elegant, playful cakes decorated with intricate buttercream designs.

All cakes are uniquely created for our customers on order.



Meet Lisa Weinberg, founder of Lisa Bakery, Como.

Fashion designer turned self-taught Cake Artist.

Born and raised in Holland, Lisa moved to Lake Como in 2009 to marry her Dutch  husband. After the birth of their first child Lisa decided to follow her intuition and create her own Cake art business.

With a career in fashion, Lisa's journey from designer to vegan cake artist has been no other than natural as creating beauty is in her nature.

Crafting exquisite plant-based cakes and desserts, Lisa collaborates closely with Lake Como's top wedding planners, creating signature designs inspired by nature's beauty. Her cakes, adorned with fresh florals and intricate buttercream techniques, elevate celebrations to new heights of elegance.

Beyond her creations, Lisa's commitment to conscious luxury shines through. Embracing veganism, she aims to inspire the wedding industry by raising awareness about environmental sustainability and reconnecting with nature.

From her fashion roots to her thriving cake artistry, Lisa's mission extends beyond delicious treats—she aims to cultivate awareness and appreciation for our planet, one delectable creation at a time.



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