Lisa Bakery is a Cake art Studio at Lake Como where uniquely designed, vegan cakes and sweets are created.


Wether you are celebrating in two or are looking for a stunning wedding cake, we are here to help.

We specialize in elegant, playful cakes decorated with intricate buttercream designs.

All cakes are uniquely created for our customers on order.



Lisa Weinberg, born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A fashion designer turned self-taught, passionate Cake artist.


After graduating from a fashion design master Lisa moved to Como, Italy in 2009 to build a family with her Dutch husband (whom she met in Como!).


Design had always been part of her life but so was baking.

From a young age Lisa played around with dough and batter. Her grandmother was, and still is her big example and inspiration when it comes to baking and creating.

"She is always with me in the kitchen, looking over my shoulder, inspiring me."


 Lisa developed her baking skills over the years after their first son was born. 

The urge to open her own business became bigger and so it was time to open Lisa Bakery in October 2021.


Her love for nature and beauty shows through her work with fresh flowers and the reference you will find in floral buttercream designs and color schemes.


But is was also the love for nature and the environment that made Lisa turn vegan. Later she decided that also the bakery needed to be vegan so she could share her beliefs through delicious and beautiful cakes.



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