Bread & Co

Pane & altri

Our beautiful Sourdough bread is made in a pure, organic, slow way.


Using only organic flours, miniral water and Sicilian sea salt.


Our bread comes in many different varieties from white to dark rye bread with seeds or nuts and dried fruits.


Our Sourdough bread is made with 100% natural leavening. Just flour, water and salt, nothing else.

The process of making a loaf takes about 24 hours from feeding the starter to taking the bread out of the scorching hot oven.


Our flours are all organic and from the highest quality. 

The loaves are kneaded, shaped and scored by hand with care and precision.

They come in a classic boule shape to be enjoyed with your dinner or for breakfast.

It freezes very well and can be revived in the oven by heating it up for 10 min. on 180 degrees.

You have a choice between the following types of bread:


- Tipo '0' an almost all white flour. Light and fluffy crumb.

Euro 7,50 (ca. 800 gr)


-Tipo '2' a half wholewheat flour that gives more character and substance to the bread.

Euro 7,50 (ca. 800 gr)


- Wholewheat flour.

Euro 8,- (ca.800 gr)


- Saraceno (Buckwheat) (mixed with tipo '2' flour and Rye)

Euro 9,- (ca. 900 gr)


- Segale (Rye) flour. 

Euro 9,- (ca.800 gr)


- Con Semi misti

Euro 10,- (ca.900 gr.)


- Noci e sultanine

Euro 10,- (ca. 900 gr.)

tipo '2'




Nuts & Dried fruits

Special flour types


A soft and savoury bread made with tipo 2 flour and extra vergine olive oil. Choose between a natural version with just course seasalt or our rich filled version with fresh pomodorini and rosemary.


Una focaccia morbida e salato fatto con farina tipo 2 e olio di oliva etra vergine di buona qualità. Scegli tra 2 versioni; naturale con solo sale grosso o farcita con pomodorini freschi e rosmarino.


Focaccia Naturale ca. 800gr Euro 10,-

Focaccia Con pomodorini freschi e rosmarino ca. 900pr Euro 12,50

Swiss Zopfbread

Our Swiss Zopf bread is hand braided and comes in different flavors.

From the Classic vanilla Zopf to a rich chocolate chip version or a fruity Orange flavored one.


Perfect for breakfast, to celebrate the most important meal of the day.


-Vanilla Zopf

Euro 12,- (800gr)


- Chocolate Zopf

Euro 14,50 (900gr)


                                                                                                                                 - Orange Zopf 

                                                                                                                                 Euro 12,50 (800gr)

Our Bed & Breakfast Specials

Nr. 1

Especially for Bed & Breakfasts we developed our Sourdough buns. 4 individually shaped and designed buns to tear apart at the breakfast table. Perfect for 2 people to share.


Euro 8,50 / 4 pieces


Choice of flours see Boule.


Zopf bread is Switzerlands famous sweetbread.

A lovely rich bread with butter, eggs and fresh vanilla. Perfect for a holidays breakfast.


These mini versions (200 gr) come in three different flavors:

- Natural

- Chocolate chip

- Orange (infused with fresh orange zest)


Euro 3,10 each