Lisa the Baker

Lisa, a 33 year old Dutch baking fanatic, and general foodlover, has been living in Como since 2009. The story of how she ended up here is rather romantic. Thinking she would visit Como for a week doing a project with local silk manufacturers and fashion houses, she ended up falling in love with a Dutchman (really?!) and never left the charming town again.


Lisa has been baking for as long as she can remember. It started with baking weekly pancakes with her dad, then cupcakes with school friends to elaborate dinner parties in her years as a fashion student.


But this year she had the courage and the possibility to transform her passion into a business. To combine her fashion background with her love for food.


Lisa is a self-taught cake and bread-baker and specialists in custom made elegant and colourful cakes and sweets. As well as artisan organic Sourdough bread.

Her signature cake is the famous Dutch Apple Pie, full of juicy apples and warm flavours like cinnamon. But also beautifully decorated cupcakes, elaborate layer cakes and tons of other types of cakes part of Lisa's repertoire.


Lisa says:

"My cakes need to look beautiful, as well as  taste great. My cakes are not just a treat for the palette, they are just as much a pleasure for the eye.

I love the chemical process of baking, how a sticky dough transforms into a wonderful, delicious cake, cookie or bread. I spend many hours standing in front of the oven, looking, as the transformation takes place."